Boris Becker achieves another victory in the claim against his former partner Hans-Dieter Cleven. On 26.11.2018, the Higher Court of the Canton of Zug/Switzerland dismissed an appeal by Cleven. Consequently, the partial claim he asserted against Becker for payment of CHF 10 million was also rejected by the court on appeal. Cleven must pay the court costs of around EUR 55,000 and pay Becker compensation of around EUR 60,000 for his lawyers. Theoretically, he still has the right to appeal to the Swiss Federal Supreme Court.

Boris Becker is relieved: ‘I assume that this tiresome affair is finally over with this latest decision’. Becker’s Swiss lawyer, Dr. Jascha Schneider-Marfels, calculates that Cleven has little chance of success before the Federal Supreme Court: ‘The decision is well-founded and will stand the test of time before the Federal Supreme Court.’ Christian-Oliver Moser, Becker’s German media attorney, adds: ‘I hope that the positive verdict will finally make it clear that the figures on the alleged amount of our client’s debts that have been repeatedly circulated in the past do not correspond to the truth.’

Becker and Cleven were business partners for many years. Cleven claims that over time he had lent Becker CHF 40 million and demanded payment in court. Two instances have dismissed the complaint.

For further information, please contact RA Dr. Jascha Schneider-Marfels, BALEX AG, at +41 58 881 10 30