Guest article: Trade needs a strong antitrust law

70 percent of all jobs and 87 percent of all training places are in small and medium-sized companies. SMEs form the backbone of our country. They are dependent on freedom of trade and commerce. A strong competition law helps to guarantee this! All revisions of antitrust legislation tighten the pace against cartels, i.e. against [...]

2019-02-02T15:50:48+01:0022. November, 2018|Antitrust law, Current|

Price agreements between SME companies

Again and again, SMEs and trading firms agree on fixed prices, e.g. for tenders. Agreements or "coordinated action" among market participants is always delicate from the point of view of antitrust law per se. The German Cartel Act (KG) explicitly prohibits agreements which (a) eliminate or b) unlawfully restrict competition (Art. 5 KG). Agreements [...]

2019-02-02T15:32:55+01:005. September, 2017|Antitrust law, Company, Current|

Antitrust: Record fines for Google

The EU Commission has imposed the highest fine ever on a single company for alleged abuse of its market power. The case against Google was initiated seven years ago when competitors complained. Google favoured its own shopping platform 'Google Shopping' over other shopping platforms and abused its monopoly on price comparison services. Google now [...]

2019-02-02T15:42:46+01:0020. July, 2017|Antitrust law, Current|
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