Price agreements between SME companies

Again and again, SMEs and trading firms agree on fixed prices, e.g. for tenders. Agreements or "coordinated action" among market participants is always delicate from the point of view of antitrust law per se. The German Cartel Act (KG) explicitly prohibits agreements which (a) eliminate or b) unlawfully restrict competition (Art. 5 KG). Agreements [...]

2019-02-02T15:32:55+01:005. September, 2017|Antitrust law, Company, Current|

Obligation to record working time underestimated by companies

There is still a great need for action in time recording for employees. Article 46 of the Labour Code (ArG) obliges employers to keep all lists or other documents containing the information necessary for the implementation of the Act and its ordinances available for executive and supervisory bodies. In particular, the duration and beginning [...]

2019-02-02T15:30:35+01:0018. August, 2017|Company, Current, Labour law|
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