Fingerprint on bag not enough for conviction for robbery

Is a fingerprint on a plastic bag found at the scene of the crime sufficient evidence to convict the accused person of qualified robbery? The Basel-Landschaft Criminal Court rightly denied this question. Despite extremely poor evidence and gross errors of investigation, the public prosecutor's office wants the cantonal court to judge this decision. The [...]

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Blatant legal error corrected

Acquittal for mother in second instance of the accusation of child abuse. The Cantonal Court of Basel-Landschaft has severely reprimanded the lower court for arbitrarily convicting the woman. The Basler Zeitung reports on a ‘derailment at the criminal court’. The mother has been unjustly deprived of her child for six years. The KESB is [...]

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In case of invasion of privacy: shooting down of drones allowed.

Civilian drones are in vogue. Hobby pilots, private detectives and paparazzi are using them to monitor and spy on areas and people. So far, Switzerland has taken the view that restraint is required in the defence against such drone attacks. The BALEX lawyers Dr. Jascha Schneider-Marfels and Sebastian Kaufmann have reached a different conclusion [...]

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Penalty for Uber-drivers

Following the Dietikon District Court, the Basel-Landschaft Criminal Court sentenced an Uber driver for violating the taxi law in the beginning of November 2017. He received a conditional fine of 60 daily rates of CHF 70.00 and a fine of CHF 500.00. The public prosecutor's office of the Canton of Basel-Landschaft accused the 40-year-old [...]

2019-02-13T20:37:04+01:0028. November, 2017|Criminal law, Current|

Hard conviction against assistance

The Cantonal Court of Baselland has sentenced an assistant to three years' imprisonment for embezzlement of Mündel funds. The five-member chamber followed the appeal of the public prosecutor's office. Experts consider the verdict to be severe. The Court justified the severity by referring to the publicity this case will attract as a warning to [...]

2019-02-02T15:34:54+01:0027. September, 2017|Criminal law, Current|

The Beqiri case: Cantonal court reprimands public prosecutor’s office

The Cantonal court Basel-Landschaft has criticised the public prosecutor's office for not properly investigating the Beqiri case. Specifically, it involved a witness who contacted the police and reported a planned assassination attempt on kickboxing multiple world champion Shemsi Beqiri . The Cantonal court concluded that the public prosecutor's office did not use the necessary [...]

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