Guest article: Trade needs a strong antitrust law

70 percent of all jobs and 87 percent of all training places are in small and medium-sized companies. SMEs form the backbone of our country. They are dependent on freedom of trade and commerce. A strong competition law helps to guarantee this! All revisions of antitrust legislation tighten the pace against cartels, i.e. against [...]

2019-02-02T15:50:48+01:0022. November, 2018|Antitrust law, Current|

Fingerprint on bag not enough for conviction for robbery

Is a fingerprint on a plastic bag found at the scene of the crime sufficient evidence to convict the accused person of qualified robbery? The Basel-Landschaft Criminal Court rightly denied this question. Despite extremely poor evidence and gross errors of investigation, the public prosecutor's office wants the cantonal court to judge this decision. The [...]

2019-02-02T17:18:55+01:005. October, 2018|Criminal law, Current|

Mobile phone use at the workplace

Studies show that more than a third of Swiss employees are active on social networks such as Facebook every day during their working hours: how will the weather be tomorrow, what’s the breaking news on 20 Minutes, posting something funny on WhatsApp group chat, an SMS to Mum, how can I get from A [...]

2019-02-02T15:47:31+01:004. September, 2018|Current, Labour law|

Blatant legal error corrected

Acquittal for mother in second instance of the accusation of child abuse. The Cantonal Court of Basel-Landschaft has severely reprimanded the lower court for arbitrarily convicting the woman. The Basler Zeitung reports on a ‘derailment at the criminal court’. The mother has been unjustly deprived of her child for six years. The KESB is [...]

2019-02-02T15:46:43+01:0013. August, 2018|Criminal law, Current|

What happens to my dog when I die?

On Tuesday, 29 May 2018, the Tabourettli hosted an animal welfare event for both Basel cant ons. Our civil-law notary Pascal Berger had the opportunity to speak on the topic "How do I manage my inheritance? The different variants of the inheritance options were pointed out, the pitfalls were discussed and it was explained [...]

2019-02-02T15:46:06+01:0031. May, 2018|Civil-law notaries office, Current|
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