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Timely communication

Although we check our mailbox on a daily basis, we cannot guarantee that e-mails sent to us will be received in a timely manner. We therefore ask you to send us urgent or important messages by post, courier or fax. Merely sending e-mails to us is not proof of delivery in terms of compliance with deadlines. If you want reassurance that your e-mail messages have been received properly and on time, please request a confirmation of receipt from us. Courts and authorities who wish to send us official documents in due form and time (orders, judgements, etc.) are referred to the relevant providers (IncaMail, Privatsphäre, etc.) and advised that legal requirements must be complied with.

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Use of Google Analytics

We use ‘Google Analytics’, particularly for statistical purposes and to optimise the website. No personal data is collected when ‘Google Analytics’ is used. The data will remain with Google and will not be made available to other partners. We collect anonymous tracking information to analyse how users surf the website. We use information collected in this way to improve the website and to evaluate user behaviour. Personal data will not be collected.

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