Your company is the focus of our attention. Our attorneys advise both SMEs and corporate groups in all relevant areas of law – both with respect to specific issues and on an ongoing basis (outsourcing of the legal department, legal counsel). On request, our specialists can provide expert advice to your board of directors, assume board functions and assist you as sparring partners in strategic corporate management.

Contracts are our passion, whether under civil or administrative law Our specialists draft contracts for you, review contracts and clauses, and conduct contract negotiations. With regard to M&A transactions, we will assist you with all steps of the company acquisition. We organise due diligence, draft SPA’s, negotiate the terms and conditions of the transaction and secure your interests by means of a shareholders’ agreement.

Our civil-law notaries conduct all corporate transactions throughout Switzerland. They will set up your new company, certify the capital increase and assist you with restructuring. In the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, our civil-law notaries office certifies all real estate transactions (purchase, condominium ownership, mutations, donations, easements).

The notarial fees in the canton of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft are based on the current regulations concerning notarial fees. You can find the current regulations here.

In addition to the purchase of your own home and the acquisition of investment properties, our specialists will also assist you in real estate development. They will assist you, for example, with re-zoning, the neighbourhood planning process and the search for land and investors in order to help you to carry out your building project.

Our litigators have extensive experience in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings. They are admitted to all Swiss courts. They can also represent you in arbitration proceedings. Our experts consider not only the opportunities at trial, but also the cost risk and the time frame. Our staff prepare court proceedings with care. We discuss strategy and tactics with you. We also ensure complete cost transparency. In addition to their work as lawyers, our professionals also hold office as judges in arbitration proceedings.

Strategic legal communication and litigation PR are becoming increasingly important. Our media experts have many contacts in the media industry and have established themselves as proven crisis managers.

Are you looking for an expert in a specific field? Our attorneys have specialized in numerous fields of law.

  • Labour law
  • Contract law
  • Banking law
  • Construction law
  • Notarizations
  • Stock exchange law
  • Compliance
  • Data protection
  • Matrimonial law
  • Inheritance law
  • Family law
  • Corporate law
  • Land transactions
  • Matrimonial property law
  • Liability law
  • Commercial law
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Real estate law
  • Real estate development and building complexes
  • In-house legal support
  • Information technology law
  • Private international law
  • Capital market regulation
  • Communications and media consulting
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency law
  • Trademark law
  • Mediation
  • Media law
  • Medical criminal law
  • Mergers & Acquisitions / Restructurings
  • Tenancy law
  • Migration law
  • Succession regulation
  • Estate planning
  • Public service law
  • Litigation (criminal, civil and administrative)
  • Mutual legal assistance in criminal matters
  • Property law
  • Divorce law
  • Arbitration
  • Debt collection and bankruptcy law
  • Social insurance law
  • State liability law
  • Criminal law
  • Road traffic law
  • Strategic management consulting
  • Submission law
  • Telecommunications law
  • Wills and execution of wills
  • Business settlement
  • Association law
  • Association secretariats
  • Contract law
  • Directorships
  • Administrative law
  • Contract work and services law
  • Competition law
  • Commercial criminal law

Please contact us so that we can find the most suitable lawyer for you.