The civil court of Basel-Stadt has issued a super-provisional injunction against Basler Zeitung. Recently, the latter published several articles criticizing Telebasel’s reputation, honour and credit, damaging allegations discrediting Telebasel, its responsible persons or its organs.

The station has taken legal action against this.

On Thursday, the “Basler Zeitung” once again published a series of untruths or allegations under the title “Calls from the Town Hall”, in particular directed at Telebasel Board of Trustees Samuel Hess, Roger Thiriet and Michael Bornhäusser.

As Telebasel announced the same day in the news that legal action had been taken. On Friday, this resulted in a super-provisional order by the Basel-Stadt Civil Court.

The court supports Telebasel. With immediate effect, BaZ may no longer claim that Telebasel is controlled by the Basel government. Furthermore, such bodies may no longer be denigrated.