On Tuesday, 29 May 2018, the Tabourettli hosted an animal welfare event for both Basel cant ons. Our civil-law notary Pascal Berger had the opportunity to speak on the topic “How do I manage my inheritance? The different variants of the inheritance options were pointed out, the pitfalls were discussed and it was explained how animals can best be considered in testamentary dispositions. This includes regulations regarding the care situation of the animal, the alignment of legacies with the caregiver or with institutions, such as the animal protection provided by Basel, and the creation of foundations. Estate planning is a complex area of law in which many components have to be taken into account depending on the family membership. For this reason, it is advisable to provide professional advice and to regulate the distribution of the inheritance at an early stage. Our property and inheritance law team, as well as our civil-law notaries office, will be happy to assist you with your estate planning at any time and would like to thank both Basel and Basel Animal Welfare for the perfect organisation of yesterday’s event and their constant commitment to the welfare of animals.